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Accountant marketing – 30 sites to curate content from

accountant marketing with content curation

As part of their social media marketing activity, accounting and tax professionals are selecting quality articles from relevant sites, commenting on them and sharing their links with their networks.  Clients and prospects benefit from receiving quality and relevant content that is pre-filtered and put in context by professionals.  Here’re 30 accounting and tax sites & […]

Social media for accountants – 20 savvy CPA’s & tax preparers

social media savvy examples for accountants

Alongside financial planners, CPA and tax accountants deliver key services to manage their customers’ finances.  Last September, I presented “20 social media savvy financial advisors.”    What about social media for accountants ?  CPA’s and tax preparers too are leveraging social media to reach out to clients and prospects.   Here’re 20 social media savvy accounting and tax […]