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Insurance agent marketing – 30 sites to curate content from

insurance agent marketing with content curation

Increasingly, insurance agents & brokers are turning to content curation to engage clients and prospects on social media. Social media savvy agents and brokers are tracking content on sites covering auto, life, home, health & business insurance, selecting & commenting on relevant content, and sharing their links.  Clients & prospects benefit from quality & relevant content […]

Realtor marketing – 30 sites to curate content from

realtor marketing with content curation

While real estate sales are transactional, the pre-transaction nurturing and post-transaction referral generation are not. Engaging clients and prospects on social media is increasingly key to this nurturing and referral generation process.  Realtors and mortgage brokers are selecting quality articles from relevant sites, commenting on them and sharing their links.  Clients and prospects benefit from […]