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Insurance social media – 15 savvy agents & brokers

insurance social media savvy examples

Over the last year, I have presented social media savvy professionals in accounting, financial planning and real estate.  Professionals on insurance social media are showing equal savvy.  Here’re 15 social media savvy insurance agents & brokers who’re using blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Youtube to build their brands, retain clients and win prospects.  Look at […]

Social media for accountants – 20 savvy CPA’s & tax preparers

social media savvy examples for accountants

Alongside financial planners, CPA and tax accountants deliver key services to manage their customers’ finances.  Last September, I presented “20 social media savvy financial advisors.”    What about social media for accountants ?  CPA’s and tax preparers too are leveraging social media to reach out to clients and prospects.   Here’re 20 social media savvy accounting and tax […]

Real estate social media – 15 savvy realtors & brokers

real estate social media savvy examples

In my previous blogs, I wrote about “3 reasons financial professionals are getting into social media” & presented “20 social media savvy financial advisors”.   Here’re 15 social media savvy realtors and brokers who are also blogging, twittering, connecting on Linkedin and posting on Facebook.  Again, look closely at how they are engaging clients and prospects […]