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Part 3 (Insurance) – 12 bloggers with (search engine) authority on key insurance terms & topics

After acknowledging social media savvy advisors who made Barrons Top 100 in our last post, we return to our series of posts identifying “authoritative” bloggers in the financial services ecosystem.  By commenting on interesting blog pieces from authoritative bloggers and sharing those commentaries, professionals can generate useful content and engagement online.

In this post, we present 12 bloggers who have demonstrated search engine authority on multiple key insurance-related terms.  To determine subject matter “authority”, we chose bloggers who have received Google Page 1 ranking in “blog searches” using popular insurance search terms.

insurance terms

Louise Norris insurance blogger

Louise Norris

(writes about health insurance and healthcare reform)

HealthInsurance.Org Blog



Ronald V. Miller, Jr insuranceRonald V. Miller, Jr.

(taught insurance law at University of Baltimore)

Maryland Injury Lawyer Blog



Timothy Jost insurance blogTimothy Jost

(consumer liaison representative to the National Association of Insurance Commissioner)

Health Affairs Blog



Christina Merhar insurance termsChristina Merhar

(works for health insurance reimbursement software for small businesses)

Small Business Employee Benefits and HR Blog



Stacy Johnson personal financeStacy Johnson

(licensed in life insurance, stocks etc, and writes about personal finance extensively)

MoneyTalks News



David Langham workers’ compensation Judge David Langham

(involved in workers’ compensation for over 25 years as an attorney, adjudicator & administrator)

Workers Comp BlogWire


Charles Elmore insurance topicsCharles Elmore

(winner of 2014 and 2015 Sunshine State Award for consumer reporting)

Protecting Your Pocket Blog (Palm Beach Post)



Harris Meyer healthcareHarris Meyer

(writing covers a broad range of healthcare topics)

Vital Signs Blog (Modern Healthcare)



Meredith Cohn health medicineMeredith Cohn

(writes about health and medicine, including state health insurance exchange launch)

Picture of Health (The Baltimore Sun)



Philip Moeller expert on aging and retirementPhilip Moeller

(an expert on aging and retirement for the PBS NewsHour)

Making Sense (PBS NewsHour)



Alain Thériault life insurance and investmentAlain Thériault

(writes about life insurance and investment products)

Insurance Journal



Greg Ostrowski wealth management Greg Ostrowski

(blogs for The Smarter Investor and offers wealth management services to individuals)

US News Money Blog



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