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  1. It’s firm to expand a formula, but it helps to see what resonated for readers in a different place. Good job!

  2. Some great comments from LinkedIn, keeping the customer or client in mind when advising is key to a successful relationship.

  3. Thanks for the mention, Michael. It’s instructive to see what works. Sometimes the blog posts that I least suspect will generate interest do so and vice versa. It’s hard to develop a formula, but it helps to see what resonated for readers elsewhere. Good job!

    • Michael, you’re most welcome and thanks for the feedback! Agree it is hard to develop a formula that ensures post engagement – a big part of that comes from knowing what’s important and relevant to the reader. I do think there are some basic guidelines one can follow to ensure the post gets the attention it deserves such as keeping a title concise, communicating reader benefits clearly and evoking curiosity with word choice. The title in your post “Cheeky language in business” is great example – 4 words, clear reader benefits, great choice of adjective!

  4. Nicely done, Michael, thank you for such insight!
    ~ Andrea

    • Hi Andrea, Thanks for the kind feedback. Engagement brings multiple perspectives to bear on a topic, builds relationships and amplifies reach. It’s great to see how you did that with a very simple message.

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