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  1. Such a very interesting blog. I like Social media marketing Gangnam Style a lot. This is a very unique concept. Thanks for sharing this wonderful blog.

  2. I should probably look into some entertainment type or viral videos to use as well! These are some good ones and I can definitely see how they can drive traffic to a company, or CPA in my case.

    There seems to be more and more companies on TV and online who are using “viral” videos to promote themselves

  3. I think this is an absolute ingenious way for a company to market itself as long as it is executed and carried out properly. While it doesn’t necessarily have to do with the services that a company provides, it is a great way to show that a company likes to have fun, motivate it’s employees and doesn’t take themselves to seriously ALL the time. My boyfriend’s company did a remake of Gangnam Style and released it to their entire company in Mexico during their holiday trip and it was an absolute hit (not to mention totally hilarious)! Video link:

    I love that companies are being creative and investing in unique marketing tactics. Promoting these videos throughout the social media arena is a great way simply to gain company recognition and get their name out there to consumers. Definitely smart marketing.

  4. NC Petitte says:

    I don’t understand what this has to do with marketing financial services or insurance sales.

    • Great question! Well thought out and executed, an authentic and entertaining video can help with important marketing objectives. Judging from the comments garnered by these videos across various social media channels, they have been quite successful from a marketing standpoint. These videos got underlying messages across to prospects (“Congrats on your 111 Days of Service and for wrapping it up with this fun video …. I would bank with you!), received raving client feedback (“THIS is why Banjo uses @svb_financial”), demonstrated teamwork (“What a great team”), got positive press review (”Raise[d] the bar”), and certainly helped with prospective employees (“This is the type of company I’d pay to work for”).

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