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15 winning crowdsourced logo designs in real estate

In the previous post, we presented 15 winning crowdsourced logo designs in wealth management, accounting & insurance.  In this post, we show 15 winning logo designs in real estate landing page and website designs which are created on crowdsourcing sites MycroBurst, CrowdSpring,  DesignCrowd and 99Designs.  These logos include word marks, letter marks, symbols, symbol-text combinations and emblems.  The fees paid for these 15 logos ranged from $200 to $650.  The number of design concepts received for each project varied from 25 to 625, and the number of designers who competed for a project, 20 to 151.

Word mark & Letter mark and Word-letter combinations*


logo designsMitchell Lofts – CrowdSpring


logo designs crowdsourcingMendoza Singleton – 99Designs


word mark logo designsKapowich Real Estate – 99Designs


letter mark logo designsKalamaras Group – Mycroburst


crowdsourced logo designsN&A Real Estate Services – Mycroburst


Symbols and Text-Symbol combinations*


symbol logo designsMidas Estates – DesignCrowd


real estate logo designsModerna Homes – CrowdSpring


realtor logo designsBenton Real Estate – CrowdSpring


combination logo designsBasin Real Estate Group  – CrowdSpring


logo designs in real estateCumins Estates – CrowdSpring


logo deisgnLurch Group  – CrowdSpring


crowdsource logo designsMatt Eichmann – Mycroburst




emblem logo designsRoots, Rights & Interests – CrowdSpring


logo design emblemOldBeach Realty – Mycroburst


black and white logoJodie Wild – Mycroburst

* See &

If you know a good logo that had been re-designed or created using one of these crowdsourcing platforms, please share it here.


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