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  1. Greetings,

    So based on your findings of disseminated Tweets….. whats the magic number? Is there an ideal number of Tweets those in the Financial Services industry (RIAs in this case) need to send monthly to have an impact on their online marketing effectiveness.

    What about Day of the week and time? Weekdays? Morning Afternoon or Evening?

    Just curious here.

    Marty Morua

    • Hi Marty,

      These particular findings do not point to a “magic” number but instead provide benchmarks that can be used to measure one’s tweet frequency vs peers’. At the 90th percentile, the tweet frequency is 105 per month or 3.5 per day and at the 80th percentile, the tweet frequency is 1.1 tweet per day. So sending about 1 to 4 tweets a day will place one in the top 20% or top 10% of peers – a good place to be at. Of course, it is equally important that the content shared in those 1 to 4 tweets is relevant and engaging.

      These findings also do not determine a “best time” to tweet. A good time to tweet would be around the time your followers are also online. So if you are following your followers, you can get a sense of that based on when your account is receiving your followers’ tweets.

      Thanks for the questions, Marty. These are great topics to further address in future posts.

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