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  1. Great list-Happy to be included as a wirehouse advisor who is leading the way to make social media a committment- not a campaign- I’m currently official on LinkedIN- I use Twitter and Vine and FB for personal use, financial literacy work, springsteen obsession

  2. Great list! …and I’m nominating myself for consideration. Also Twitter @wealthyfamilies. 🙂

  3. Nice list, thank you.

    Here is my twitter profile page for consideration:

    I made this list of 15 financial advisors and not yours? Am I slipping here? 🙂

  4. Thank you for the mention!

  5. Thank you for your mention!

  6. Thanks. I do follow some of the names listed.

  7. Thanks for the list. I will make it a point to follow them closely!

  8. Thanks a lot for the mention.

  9. Just came across your blog. Thanks for mentioning me among such an astute group of tech savvy practioners.

  10. Bill Winterberg says:

    The Money Geek is Sam Fawaz, not Don James.

    • Bill, thanks for catching that. Yes, The Money Geek is Sam Fawaz (corrected). Don James’s pages are at,, & (Sam, Don – apologies for the posting error)

  11. Thanks for including me in this post. I really appreciate it and am honored to be mentioned alongside all these other great folks.


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