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Social media for accountants – 20 savvy CPA’s & tax preparers

Alongside financial planners, CPA and tax accountants deliver key services to manage their customers’ finances.  Last September, I presented “20 social media savvy financial advisors.”    What about social media for accountants ?  CPA’s and tax preparers too are leveraging social media to reach out to clients and prospects.   Here’re 20 social media savvy accounting and tax professionals who are using social media for branding, client retention and acquisition.

social media savvy accountants - Tyler Thompson

Social Media for Accountants


1.  Anthony Sykes | |  @sykesaccounting


2.  Ben Loggins | |  @BenLoggins


3.  Ben Shull  | |  @brsCPAKatyTX |


4. Blake Phillips   |   |     @WildcatTax   |


5.  Daniel Stoica |  |  @DanielStoicaTax |


6.  James D. Brown | |   @JBrownCPA |


7.  Joel Ungar  |  |  @JoelUngar |


8.  Lewis Robinson | |  @plrcpa |


9. Matthew Patrick  |  @dmatthewpatrick |


10. Michelle Edwards | |  @TrailheadCPA |


11. Mitchell Freedman |  @mitchpfs |


12. Monica Lawver  | |  @TheTaxCPA


13. Neil Johnson | | @thetaxdude


14. Phil Hogan | |  @cross_bordertax


15. Robert Gard |  @BobG_CPA


16.  Sharon Gubinsky   |   @gubinskycpa  |


17.  Sharon Perry   |   |  @sjperryCA   |


18. Steve Mangan | |  @shmcpa |


19. Thomas Palm | |  @thomasjpalm


20. Tyler Thompson  |  |  @ThompsonMyers  |


Do you know a social media savvy CPA or tax professional who should be on this list?




  1. Hello Kim,
    Thanks for the sharing social media website blog.
    Brian Hoshowski

  2. Hi guys
    I appreciate this is a US based list so you may not want to consider a ‘Brit’ such as myself. On this side of the pond AccountancyAge has described me as ‘one of the most networked accountants in the UK’.

    You can find me:
    The Boring Is Optional blog:
    Blogging for ambitious accountants:

  3. You’ve got a great list going! We would love to be considered for a future list!

    Check us out…

    Website: , which includes our blog
    Pinterest: Bryant & Associates

  4. We had a CPA client who was very successful using a raffle to gain new followers. More importantly they gained over 50 client testimonials on their facebook page from the promotion.

    Learn more here –

  5. A lot of great info here. Thanks.

    But, I’m feeling a little left out here in Indianapolis! 🙂 Seriously, put us on your list!!!

    Check us out at
    My blog at .
    Twitter @thompsonmyers
    YouTube at

    • Hi Tyler, Thanks! Very nice use of the various social media channels, especially Facebook. Yes, we did miss some good ones on this list. Please join us at our growing Linkedin group “Social media marketing in financial services”!

  6. Thanks for the pub….now let’s see what we can do with it!

  7. Kirill Storch says:

    Very cool, hopefully soon myself and my parter will join your esteemed ranks. Though I would be curious as to how this list was actually developed. Quick question: We are looking to create a custom branding app for our CPA business (small, 2 person business) We don’t want to pay an FBML developer, so is it possible to just iframe our site directly into a facebook page? We found this accounting branding app but it does not have all the components we need (it just gives u one accounting option)

    See it seems here that they are not paying for FBML but are actually just streaming their site directly into their FB page, b/c I looked them up and their site has the exact same code behind it (including same CHARSET— utf 8)

    Any thoughts on this? Also, have any of you guys actually done this and can you comment on the conversion rate of an iframe app vs and fbml one on fb?

    • Hi Kirill, Thanks for dropping by. The list was developed based on both quantitative and qualitative measures. For example, the number of Twitter followers, Linkedin connections, Facebook fans were used as a proxy measure of reach & engagement (though arguably, high reach does not always equal high engagement). Members on the list have numbers that rank relatively high amongst their peer group on at least 2 of these 3 social platforms. Qualitative assessment based on how these members were using these platforms for marketing was also taken into account. Are they leveraging their social profiles to brand themselves consistently across the various platforms? Are they using the communication tools available to engage potential clients?

  8. Creating a unified picture, as well as unifying content amongst the various social media platforms out there is an essential practise when promoting yourself online. People want to recognize your face and want some consistency with what you offer!


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