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Insurance social media – 15 savvy agents & brokers

Over the last year, I have presented social media savvy professionals in accounting, financial planning and real estate.  Professionals on insurance social media are showing equal savvy.  Here’re 15 social media savvy insurance agents & brokers who’re using blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Youtube to build their brands, retain clients and win prospects.  Look at their Facebook Page posts, Linkedin updates, Twitter timeline and Youtube videos to see how they’re creating and curating content and how they’re engaging clients & prospects on social media.  Examine their social profiles to see how they are branding themselves across different social media channels.

 insurance social media savvy examplesInsurance Social Media


1.  Amy Bryan | @bryanagency | |


2.  Carrie Reynolds  |  @carrie_AGIns  | |


3.  Christopher Paradiso  |  @paradisoins  | |


4.  Linda Rey    @reyinsurance   |  |


5.   Louis Peter  |  @louispeters  |  |  |


6.   Ronald Dwyer  |  @ronalddwyer  |


7.  Ryan Hanley |  @RyanHanley_Com  |  |


8.  Shane Eastman  |   @ShaneEastman  | |


9.  Steve Brooks   |  @BandBPremierIns  |


10.  Stuart Durland  |@sdurland  |  |


11.  Andy Thompson / Thompson Group  |  @thethompsongrp  |  |  |


12.  Kaitlyn & Amanda / Berry Insurance  |  @Berry_Insurance  | |  |


13.  Bryan Costello /  Costello & Sons Insurance Brokers  |  @CSIInsurance  | |


14.  Charlie Downey / Downey Insurance  |  @downeyinsurance  |   |


15.  Dawn LeDoux Roberts / LeDoux Insurance  |  @LeDouxInsurance |


Do you know a social media savvy insurance agent or broker who should be on this list?


– by InvestmentPal


  1. In present time, life insurance has become an integral part of human life; therefore, large numbers of people opt for life insurance plans. I like your site thanks..

  2. Claudia Rosenburg says:

    I think in this day and age it’s a great idea to have a social media presence no matter what your profession is. There are so many people on social media nowadays that chances are you could find business just by showing you are an expert in your field. It could also be a good way to network with people!
    Claudia Rosenburg |

  3. You people have actually provided the best blogs that are easy to understand for the folks.
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  4. staceybeck01 says:

    Social media is the main source for anything these days. This is really good to know, thanks for sharing. I think it’s smart on their part to have social media as a way to contact them.

  5. Well, I certainly don’t qualify for the list, I wish I did! God agents and great social marketing isn’t all that easy now is it? If it was, we’d all be dong it.

    I am working on it and realize there is a significant learning curve. Perhaps one day I too will join the ranks of the above in my niche!

    Keep up the good work everyone!

    I can be found here as well:

  6. Social media played an significant role in every sphere of globe. It is a very good initiative by a young entrepreneur ‘Amy’, let’s see what will happen in future?Thank you

  7. Cool site you possess here.

  8. Jonathan Chua says:

    Hi. I’m Jonathan and as a newbee, I’m also trying to use the social media and blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Youtube to build my brand, win and retain clients.

    It’s great to meet so many interesting people blogging here, thanks.

  9. Great list… I’ve been following many of these, and will continue. Our agency has ramped up social media over the last couple of years as well.

  10. Just wanted to say THANK YOU Im honored to have been picked. I hope agents and agencies continue to get involved in the community and give back. Social Media is a great way to bring our community together! Wish everyone picked all the best,keep working hard and pushing the envelop. Chris

  11. Great post! Thanks. I follow Chris Paradiso closely. Please feel free to check out our social pages. @fargoins on Twitter, or


  12. Honored Indeed. Glad to be taking old traditional marketing and Overlaying the New Digital marketing era to take us all to the next level. Not only reinvigorated as an Insurance professional, able to better serve our clientele and prospects and Insurance company Partners. Thnx again Charlie Downey, President and overall Business – Marketing – Insurance Professional Guy. Just reach out to me when you need anything.

  13. Thank you for the recognition! We are honored to be included in this list!

  14. Great compliation of insurance agents, we’ve been trying to get active in social media as well!

  15. Cool list. Our Agency has been featured Nationally for being one of the top uses of social media not just in insurance but other industries as well.

  16. Thanks for sharing these profiles. It’s nice to stay connected with others in the industry @JimKinmartin

  17. A great source of information. Pretty cool and nice blog. A job well-done for you!
    airdrie insurance brokers

  18. Thanks for the reply. The “unpublish” page box was not selected. I have checked it and unchecked it again. Maybe this will do the trick. I have seen the old placer facebook page and can’t seem to find it to claim. Thanks for your help.

  19. Check out, twitter, @CA_Insurance
    Search Placer Insurance on google and see where else we are.
    Thanks for the post, we are always looking to improve.

    • Hi Stephen, Thanks for sharing your social media pages – noticed your Facebook page is not yet public.

      • Hope your day is going well. Is there something I should do to make our facebook page “public”? It has been launched for awhile and have 136 friends.

      • Stephen, To make your Facebook page public, (i) go to the Page (you need to log into your admin account & select “Use Facebook as Page”); (ii) select the “Edit Page” button on the right, (iii) go to “Manage Permissions”, and (iv) uncheck the “Unpublish Page” option under “Page Visibility”. Once you make your current page public, Google will index your new page and it should show up ahead of the old page. Hope this helps.

  20. Tyler Sanchez says:

    Really should check out Craig Wiggins. He has over 2000 fans on his fan page. He started using Facebook a couple of years ago and has coached hundreds of agents all over the country to use social media in their own agencies. Including me! Here is his page:!/WigginsAgencies

  21. Very Honored to be listed among some Giants in the Social Media Insurance Industry. Thank you for the Recognition, I would also like to share my Active Blog Site,

    Keep on Crushin it!

    Shane Eastman

  22. So honored to have appeared on this list. Thank you. I also want to include my blog address- it was just redesigned and relaunched a few weeks ago- . Writing has become my passion, and my goal is always about educating and inspiring others. We have fun too.

    Thanks for compiling this list as I now have more people I can connect with. Insurance rocks and so do the many professionals who are changing it up for the better.

    Xoxo, The Insurance Goddess

  23. This is a great compilation of a variety of talented agents from all over! Its great to see how social media is evolving in our industry. 🙂

  24. i didn’t even know about this and am honored to be included. thank you!!

  25. Interesting to see how people are using various components of Social Media in our industry.

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