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Realtor marketing – 30 sites to curate content from

While real estate sales are transactional, the pre-transaction nurturing and post-transaction referral generation are not. Engaging clients and prospects on social media is increasingly key to this nurturing and referral generation process.  Realtors and mortgage brokers are selecting quality articles from relevant sites, commenting on them and sharing their links.  Clients and prospects benefit from receiving quality and relevant content that are pre-filtered and put in context by a professional.  Here’re 30 sites that realtors & mortgage brokerscan curate content from.  This realtor marketing post is the second in a series presenting sector-specific sites for content curation.

realtor marketing with content curation


Realtor Marketing Content Curation


Mortgage Sites / Blogs

1.   Bankrate – Mortgage     |

2.   Mortgage News Daily     |

3.   Housing Wire     |

4.   National Mortgage News     |

5.   The Truth About Mortgage     |

6.   Reverse Mortgage Daily     |

7.   The Mortgage Reports     |


Finance Sites / Blogs

8.   CNN Money – Real Estate     |

9.   WSJ – Real Estate Buying & Selling     |

10. TheStreet – Real Estate & Mortgages     |

11. FT – Property & Mortgages     |


Real Estate Sites / Blogs

12.  AOL Real Estate     |

13. Realtor Magazine     |

14. Realtor Research     |

15. – Home Buying & Selling     |

16. Inman News     |

17. Realtor Economists’ Outlook     |

18. The Bigger Pockets Blog     |

19. The Real Estate Bloggers     |

20. Bloodhound Blog     |

21. Matrix Blog     |


Foreclosure Sites / Blogs

22. Foreclosure Connections Blog     |

23. Foreclosure Support     |

24. Foreclosure Blog     |


Design & Improvement Sites / Blogs

25. Apartment Therapy     |

26. This Old House     |

27. Young House Love     |


MarketPlace Sites  / Blogs

28. Zillow Blog     |

29. Redfin Blog     |

30. Homegain Blog     |


Do you curate content for your clients & prospects?  What sites do you use?


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  1. Enjoyed looking through this, very good stuff, thank you.

  2. Not for only specific industry, but social media is catering all different types of industries with social media platforms. Many mortgage brokers prefer social media in order to reach and engage quality consumers with the help of content curation.

    • You’re right, Jason. Social media is used across multiple industries to reach clients and prospects, and content curation is an important part of that engagement. Thanks for your comments!

  3. Clients and prospects benefit from receiving quality and relevant content that are pre-filtered and put in context by a professional.-brazilian realtor in alberta

  4. Bryan Upton says:

    Nice post to go through. Now a days Social Media like Facebook and Twitter are the ways of marketing your business well. So I advice everyone to utilize the power of Social Media in this regards.
    Apartment Investing

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