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  1. Very valuable data points!

  2. very helpful and insightful article. Thank you for putting this together. I enjoyed it so much I shared in on my multiple social platforms.

  3. These statistics provide validation to the following question many people in the financial services industry ask:

    1. Can my efforts using social media translate into actual sales and new clients in my business?

    Based on these stats, the answer is obvious. Thank you for sharing!

    • Skyler, You’re welcome. Thanks for highlighting the social media sales translation question in the financial services industry – an important question to be expected of a ROI-focused business.

  4. VERY Interesting statistics. The bottom line is as it has been – relationship building and follow up. Drip, drip, drip. Over time new venues (social networking) have been added to the mix that help us reach even more people than a website can. People get the opportunity to read our posts, profiles and how we answer questions, too.

    In person, on the web, or a mixture of both — we are building new relationships a little at a time with all we do.

  5. Thanks for pulling these stats together. Your post inspired me to blog on this topic, and I included links back to your blog.

    I’ve seen a number of surveys on the effectiveness of social media, but they generally ignore the issue of the content and its relevance to the target audience. Social media strategies that don’t deliver quality content are not going to be effective over the long run.

    Here is a link to the post. Thanks for getting me started!

    I’ll be writing more about the content needed for marketing institutional trading and technology next week.

  6. Let’s see… should I keep doing what I’ve always done, and expect annual increases around 6=7% Or, should I come into the current client world and add social media, and morfe than double that?

    Not a tough choice from my view. How about yours?

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